It is estimated that over 60% of people do not have a Will. This leads to thousands of unclaimed estates each year with millions of pounds passing to the Crown (bona vacantia) every year. All of this could be avoided by making a Will.


A Will provides peace of mind that your estate will pass in accordance with your wishes. A Will allows you to appoint executors, guardians, make gifts and provide for charities, friends, or your Partner if you are not married. A Will can also help to reduce inheritance tax liability. Without a Will, your estate will pass under the rules of ‘Intestacy’.

A Will can seem like a daunting process. But, if you refer to Wills advisor Market Harborough, Welland Valley Legal takes you through the process of making a Will, helps you plan your estate for the future, and assess the type of Will that is best for your circumstances.

We can offer:

  1. Inheritance tax planning
  2. Safeguarding assets for future generations
  3. Planning for residential care and protecting assets to fund that care
  4. Protect children from previous relationships
  5. Protect vulnerable beneficiaries
  6. Help with succession planning for business owners
  7. Help with succession planning for Farmers

Why Choose Us?:

Our team has dedicated Wills specialists in Market Harborough with decades of experience in assisting people to prepare, amend and execute Wills. We have expert knowledge in administering estates and are regularly appointed as executors. We can give you the best advice to structure your estate to diminish any potentially large tax bills. For any tax regulation changes that will affect the gifts you want to pass on, you will be highly benefited. By choosing a Will estate planning lawyer near me, you are assured that your estate is in safe hands and that your desires will be carried out in an efficient and professional way.

To learn about what trusts you may wish to consider putting in your Will, please see our Trust page

What is the process of making a Will?

There are two appointments required. The first is to take your instructions. Following this meeting you will be sent a draft of your Will and once approved a second meeting will be arranged to sign your Will.

How long does it take to make a Will?

You will have a draft Will sent to you following the first appointment within 7 working days.

How often should I update my Will?

You should review your Will at least every 5 years to ensure it is up to date with any legal changes. It should also be reviewed when significant life events occur e.g. marriage, divorce, children are born or when you have purchased a new home.

Does marriage revoke a Will?


What is the cost of making a Will?

Mirror Will without a Trust - £400 + VAT (includes both Wills)
Single Will without a Trust - £250 + VAT per Will
Life Interest Will (Single) - £450 + VAT per Will
Life Interest Will (Double) - £750 + VAT per Will
Discretionary Trust Will (Single) - £650 + VAT per Will
Discretionary Trust Will (Double) - £850 + VAT per Will
Statement - £150 + VAT
Letter of Wishes - £150 + VAT
Notice of Severance (sometimes required for Life Interest Wills) - £150 + VAT

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