Lasting Powers Of Attorney

Lasting Powers of Attorney are set up in your lifetime allowing you to appoint attorneys to manage your personal affairs. They provide assurance that if you were unable to manage your affairs because of a physical inability or you lose capacity (whether temporarily or permanently) that you have a trusted person to manage matters.


There are two types – Property & Financial and Health and Welfare. The Property & Financial LPA allows you to appoint persons to manage your investments, business assets, your property, bank accounts and tax affairs.

The Health and Welfare LPA allows you to appoint persons to decide which care home you may need to reside in, standard of living you should receive, consenting to life sustaining treatment and medical treatments you may require.

LPA’s are an insurance policy. You hope to never use them but vital if things do go wrong. Without an LPA your loved ones will have to make an application to the Court of Protection to obtain a ‘deputyship’ to look after your affairs and access bank accounts. This is a very lengthy and expensive process and ultimately it would be the courts’ decision about who is appointed.

At Welland Valley Legal we will discuss all of the legalities of an LPA; we will vary the standard document to fit your circumstance and ensure that your wishes are adhered to.

Do I need both types of Lasting Powers of Attorney?

Yes. By making both the Property and Financial and Health and Welfare LPA, all eventualities are covered.

What is the cost to make a Lasting Power of Attorney

LPA (Single) - £350 + VAT
LPA (Double) - £600 + VAT
LPA's (x4 for a married couple) - £950 + VAT
Attorney Advice - £150 + VAT

Please note these fees exclude disbursements.

Attorney Advice

If you are already an appointed attorney, then here at Welland Valley Legal we offer attorney advice to take you through your rights and responsibilities and guide you in what decisions you may or may not take. We will offer a fixed fee letter of advice to provide such advice and deal with any queries you may have.

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